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Local Circles is the only place in Detroit where youth can ask their own questions and learn how to find answers about issues that are important to them. We offer Detroit teens ages 15-19 a unique experience in leadership training, community engagement, and job readiness. In this program, youth work together to identify a way to make an impact on our community.

Our meetings include icebreakers, brainstorming activities, small group discussions, training on job readiness and research skills, and project planning. Teens who participate in this program gain confidence, learn problem-solving skills in real-life settings, and improve communication while meeting new people and earning a stipend.

The application for our Summer 2023 Youth-Led Research Program is open now. Based on feedback from our participants, we have selected three topics for our summer program. Teens can choose to participate in one of three projects: 1) Our relationships with each other, 2) Feeling heard by adults, or 3) Figuring out life after high school.

To join our program, please fill out the application below. You will receive a email from us within 24 hours (if you apply on the weekend, please give us until Monday to respond).

This application should be completed by the participant. If you are a parent who wants to sign up their teen, please ask your teen to fill out their portion of the application.


If you have any questions about the sign up process or the program, reach out to us and we can talk you through the application process.

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