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Local Circles offers young people 14-19 years of age a job opportunity in youth-led research. Our program offers paid position to youth who work together to find out what issues face young Detroiters, choose a topic, learn the steps to do research, conduct the research, and find ways to share your research with their community. This program includes job-readiness training and sessions on financial literacy.

A position in the Local Circles Youth-Led Research program will give you experience in decision making, leading a group, and the steps to doing research that will help you be better prepared for school, especially college. You will learn skills that will help you be ready for a job, including resume writing, interviewing skills, and how to manage your money.

Our application process includes the application form, an interview, and two orientation sessions. If you are interested in our next research opportunity, please fill out the application below.

You can submit your application by scanning it and emailing it to Nicole Jurek at [email protected] or by sending it in the mail to Local Circles, 1523 Seyburn, Detroit, MI 48214.

All applications will be given a response.

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Local Circles Youth Application
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Form Download

If you prefer to download the application, just click the link below to download a PDF that you can fill out and mail in.


If you have any questions about the sign up process or the program, reach out to us and we can talk you through the application process.

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