A year of gifts During this season of gratitude, we want to lift up the people and partners who have supported our work over the past year. Everything we accomplish is done in partnership with others. The Racial Justice Project We are so proud to have received a Youth Leadership Grant from the Community Foundation […]

Post High School Workshop

Eight youth—called Young Advocates—from our summer Youth-Led Research Program investigated “What teens can do to prepare themselves for life on their own.” They found that most college students and adults wish they had been better prepared to handle financial matters as a teen. As a result, Young Advocates have designed a workshop to teach other […]

Summer News

Local Research, Local Stereotypes, Local Circles

Over the summer, Local Circles, in partnership with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, hired ten teens to explore social topics through interactions with the community. Dream 10, as we named ourselves, used surveys, interviews and focus groups to gather factual evidence to our research question, “In what ways does racial stereotyping affect African-American teens?”